SEP Geophysical Acquires Sensys R4 Magnetometer for UAV Surveys

Posted 16 October 2023

SEP Geophysical Advances Survey Capabilities with Sensys R4 Magnetometer Acquisition

In a strategic move to enhance its geophysical survey capabilities, SEP Geophysical has recently acquired the Sensys R4 Magnetometer, also known as the MagDrone R4. This ultra-lightweight magnetometer can be attached to any Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone capable of carrying a payload of over 2 kg.

The MagDrone R4 is celebrated for its portability, versatility, and cutting-edge design, which includes a carbon fibre sensor tube with two built-in sensors and a folding mechanism for easy transportation. It's an ideal tool for various applications, including general purpose surveys, scientific magnetic cartographies, mine exploration, and safety-relevant surveys.

Owning this equipment allows SEP Geophysical to bolster its competitiveness in conducting medium to large open area magnetic surveys. The integration of the MagDrone R4 with a precise altimeter enables high-quality airborne surveys, providing a level of data acquisition comparable to other commercially available magnetometers.

"The Sensys R4 Magnetometer is more than just a new tool for us at SEP Geophysical—it's a game changer. It opens up a world of possibilities for conducting medium to large open area magnetic surveys with greater efficiency and precision. As we integrate this advanced technology into our operations, we're not just staying competitive — we're setting new standards in geophysical surveying," -  Tom Smith, Director at SEP Geophysical.

SEP Geophysical extends its gratitude to its supplier, JBAus, and Jonathan Brindley, a respected figure in the UAV community, for their ongoing support and collaboration. We look forward to continuing working together to push the boundaries of geophysical surveying. 

In the coming weeks, tests will be performed with the MagDrone R4 offering an opportunity to capture images of this innovative technology in action. Updates and insights into this work will be shared on our LinkedIn page.

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