SEP Inspection is Live

Posted 11 February 2023

SEP Geophysical is proud to announce the launch of its new sister company, SEP Inspection.

SEP Inspection is a comprehensive inspection service provider offering reliable and accurate information quickly and cost-effectively to clients in the wind energy, solar and oil & gas sectors.

Tom Smith, Director of SEP Geophysical said:

We are thrilled to be launching SEP Inspection as an extension of our services. We believe that providing accurate information quickly and cost-effectively can make a real difference in the decision-making process for our clients, and we feel confident that SEP Inspection will achieve just that.

SEP Inspection offers a full range of inspections from visual observation to infrared imaging, creating detailed reports to assess asset condition accurately. Drawing upon 35 years of survey heritage within the SEP group, SEP Inspection’s experienced team are dedicated to performing inspections efficiently and on time.

For more information about SEP Inspection, please visit their website at or contact